Established in June 2015, this company, in its first phase, seeks to manage and develop sponge iron mills, steel making and casting machines with a capacity of 800.000 tons at every unit. The investments in this plant aims at guiding part of the available national liquidity towards the production, and to complete and create a balance in the steel chain, the development of less developed areas, as well as manufacturing and creation of sustainable employment and ultimately promoting the resistance economics and supporting Iranian goods production and purchase.

Jovein a region in Sabzevar possess a special potential for human resources as well as being close to the Sangan Special Economic Zone, the main supplier of sponge iron production materials and its proximity to the national railway network for transporting steel products both for domestic and export purposes.

In this regard, in the first phase, the company is planning to manufacture 800.000 tons of sponge iron and Bloom and Billet steel products with an annual capacity of 800.000 tons. Now, Sabzevar Pars Steel Co., after completion of the construction of sponge iron plant with a capacity of 800.000 tons per year, the construction of steel mills and casting factories with a capacity of 800 thousand tons, along with oxygen units, lime factory is underway.